Niphean Inflatable Paddle Board----The best companion on the water in the summer

Niphean Inflatable Paddle Board----The best companion on the water in the summer

This summer let's going to have something different – paddleboarding. When it comes to paddle boards, some friends may confuse it with surfboards, although paddleboards look a lot like surfboards, but paddleboards are not surfboards!

The ease of handling of paddle boards and the variety of ways they can be played have made this water sport popular all over the world. It is a healthy cardio experience, a sport for all ages, and a water sport for beginners.


What is a paddle board

Paddle boarding (SUP) is also known as stand-up paddle boarding. Originally, surf instructors were used to manage the large number of students because standing upright on the board gave them a better view, easier observation of their surroundings, and more favorable to the swells coming from a distance. Paddle boarding is a sport that first originated from paddle boarding in Hawaii, USA, in the 60s of the 20th century. In recent years, SUP paddle boarding has gradually become popular all over the world, and SUP paddle boarding has become one of the most popular water sports.

Because it is easy to play and has a variety of ways to play, lying down, lying on its stomach, kneeling, sitting, standing, jumping into the water and swimming at any time, paddle boards have gradually become popular in China in recent years;

Thanks to its high level of engagement and low barrier to entry, even novice players can get started right away, from children to the elderly, and even your dog can play with them.

The paddle board has a wide and thick board, so it has more buoyancy to make it easier for players to master balance, and it is also equipped with a paddle that can be enjoyed on various water surfaces.

It is also a pleasant thing to gather friends to soak up the sun, enjoy nature, and at the same time get a whole-body exercise.

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