Mastering Paddleboarding: The Best Tips and Tricks

Mastering Paddleboarding: The Best Tips and Tricks

If you're playing for the first time, it's best to choose calm water with no boats and floats around.

In the beginning, you will find it easier to kneel on the board than to stand up.

1: Place the board in shallow water, stand next to the board, the paddle is leaning against the edge of the board like a bracket paddle, and the paddle page is inserted into the water.

2: Hold the middle of the edge of the board with both hands and the paddle in one hand at all times.

3: Kneel down the middle and back of the board and lay the paddle flat on the paddle board.

4: Kneel to feel the balance of the board. So that the head of the board does not and the tail does not sink into the water.

5: Hold one side of the board firmly with your hand to stabilize it.

6: When you feel ready, stand up on one foot first, then stand up in a position where you are on your knees. Of course, you can also bring a friend to help you hold the board and get you up.

1: When you slide on the right, hold the lower part of the oar with your right hand and the upper part of the paddle with your left hand.

2: The curvature of the paddle head is facing away from you, which may seem unreasonable to you visually at first.

3: Keep your arms straight and paddle with your body.

4: When paddling, push down with your top hand.

5: Insert the paddle into the water first, then pull it down to the ankle and get out of the water.

6: You can take your time at the beginning, and you don't need to use a lot of strength at the beginning.

7: At the beginning of the row, use a small support power to paddle, which will make your paddling more effective and go farther each time.

8: If you want to keep a straight line, you should take turns rowing on both sides, changing sides every 4-5 times.

9: When you switch sides, don't forget to change the up and down position of your hands.

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