Paddleboarding: The Coolest Way to Explore the Water

Paddleboarding: The Coolest Way to Explore the Water

What is the difference between paddle boarding, kayaking, rowing, and dragon boating? The biggest difference is that theoretically, these boats and kayaks are both boats, and you can only sit in the cabin, while a paddle board is a board. Although in competitive competitions, it is stipulated that you can only stand and skate, but in leisure time, you can sit and kneel. You can lie down and play with it as you like, and it won't turn over or sink. Even if you fall into the water, you can easily climb out.

Watching the scenery on the water and watching the scenery on land are two completely different feelings. What I want to say is, a small boat, a mountain scenery with clear waves, wind and rain, and what I also want to say is the blue sky and the blue sea with dolphins jumping across the head of the board. Scenery, what I want to say more is that when you are driving with your family and encounter a lake, you can only stand by the water, dip your feet in the water, and then say, "It's so beautiful," while the other You just have a paddleboard in the trunk of your car, take it out and inflate it, and you can walk along the water, enjoy aquatic life, and enjoy the birds. Other than that, others can only sit on the shore and fish, but you can Paddleboard to the middle of the lake. The most important thing about making a nest is that there is no one to compete with you for the fish. If you like lures, you can chase the fish around.

In addition, others who like yoga can only do yoga in the gym. You can listen to the chirping of birds and breathe fresh air while doing yoga in the water. Because the slight shaking of the board can make you feel slightly nervous, you can train to a higher level. More core strength, and finally return to the origin. As a sport, paddle boarding is a whole-body exercise. If you learn the correct movements, you will find that its strength is from the legs to the waist to the back, and then to the shoulders. Finally, the overall strength of the arm is like the existence of opening up the two meridians in martial arts novels. Therefore, in theory, you can train every muscle in the body. If it is more scientific, it can be a kind of aerobic exercise. , it can also be an anaerobic exercise.

Having said that paddle boards are so good, how much skill do you need to play them? I can responsibly tell you that I have seen more than 90% of people go out and skate a few laps successfully for the first time, even though they are wobbly and shaky. After coming back, they all say it was fun and not as difficult as they imagined. There are even many people who are naturally afraid of water and cannot swim. After putting on a life jacket and getting on a paddle board, they have been traveling far and wide. So where can you go to paddle board?

Theoretically, you can play in all rivers, lakes and seas, but beginners must start playing in the water step by step. Of course, there are also some waters that are not so playable, such as legal roads with boat traffic. You cannot play beyond your own knowledge and technical ability, as it is dangerous. You cannot play in certain waters, such as rivers with rolling dams that flow too fast, particularly large open waters, and waters with religious beliefs. Having said so much, paddle boards are definitely not for surfing the Internet. Whether it is fun or not, you have to experience it yourself to understand. Get yourself a NIphean paddle board to experience it.

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