Niphean Paddle Board Accessories

Niphean Paddle Board Accessories

Niphean Paddleboard equipment
A set of paddleboard equipment is divided into:

Three detachable fins [ fin can increase water control ability and stability]

3- Piece adjustable paddle [The choice of paddles is generally 15-20CM higher than the user]

Safety Leash [The safety leash can connect you with the paddle board, which is convenient for quickly getting on the board when falling into the water, and at the same time, the buoyancy of the paddle board itself ensures the safety of the player to a certain extent]

Repair Kit [Complete set of tools and materials for repairing dings and cracks in your stand-up paddle board (SUP)]

Pump [You can easily inflate your inflatable paddle board at home on your own effortlessly]

Waterproof Phone Bag [Actually Keep Your Device Dry, protect your device and give you a way to stay hands-free]

Backpack [Could include everything you need for paddleboarding, all you need is this backpack and you're ready to go on an adventure]


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